Evaporator Coil for refrigerator

  evaporator coil refrigerator

Hidden behind back panel, this cools down box and refrigerant fluid coolant.  Otherwise no ice and no freeze will result.

GE refrigerator freezer evaporator coil

Evaporator coil showing refrigerator issues from freezer section of a GE residential refrigerator.

refrigerator evaporator coil issues

evaporator coil showing refrigerant issues. This is a bottom mount freezer style with French doors for refrigerator and a drawer for the freezer section.

Freezer Refrigerator electronic controller

This is the refrigerator electronic controller and is the main brain.  Without it there’s no temperature, readings and defrost cycle.  Also, includes evaporator coil and condenser coil.  This particular freezer electronic control failed and was replaces by Super Air Repair.

freezer refrigerator repair
refrigerator electronic controller

refrigerator repair, freezer

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